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How to Get your Dream Puppy?​​

We here at DogPup plan to give best quality puppies for sale to families all over India. We promise that once you buy a dog from us you will have no problem with breed quality and we are there to support you in your dog’s life. And we make certain your puppy comes from a wonderful, caring breeder, whose focus is on the quality and comfort of their bloodlines, not on the quantity of the pups.

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  • 100% guaranteed healthy puppies for sale by our breeders.
  • Experienced staff with A->Z practical knowledge about dogs
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  • Natural Breeding
  • KCI Registered

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The Puppy Matters

We work with loving breeders, dedicated to the well being of their puppies, and to giving them the best start. We inspect every puppy, and ensure good breeding practices are adhered to. Only when everything meets our high standards, will a puppy be waiting for you here.

Our Mission

 All our puppies are given every vaccination required for their age and are fully dewormed up to date. All the proper documents will arrive with your puppy. Buying a puppy online can be difficult for you, no doubt about it. Throughout your journey with us, we are here to guide you and be with you after you have chosen your puppy. We are one stop solution for dog lovers to find dogs and puppies for sale & adoption.

Dogs for sale

How It Works


Our dog experts assist you to find the puppy which is right for you.


We choose responsible breeders from across the country who meet the industry’s highest standards.


Your furry family member arrives with a successful mandatory health checkup and papers.


Happiness is yours as you begin bonding with your puppy.

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puppies for sale

What we believe in!

We treat our dogs as our own and want them to have a happy life. We are based on a nonprofit business model. This is the only place where you can seek dogs for sale in India from respected and informed registered dog breeders. We ensure that our breeders do not force breed and the breeding is done in natural and  good environment. What makes us different from other backyard breeders?

Once you buy a dog from us you will get superior breed quality with KCI registration and support from our team. We raise our dogs and puppies as our own and before giving them to you and other families the puppy is ours and we take care of them. If you are interested in getting a dog for yourself then you should consider either buying a dog online or adopting a dog. Both options will get you a perfect and happy dog. We provide dogs for sale in india. We have all breeds available like golden retriever for sale, siberian husky for sale, cocker spaniel for sale, Labrador for sale.

dogs for sale

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puppies for sale

The health of our puppies is our top priority.We only choose puppies from breeders we know put the welfare and comfort of their puppies first. That is why we check the environment the puppies are raised in, to ensure they are healthy and happy. Contact us if looking for puppies for sale.

You can save a dog’s life by adopting. You are also saving money and you are getting a loving dog. We don’t promote force breeding. We ensure that every dog we sell comes from a genuine breeder and goes to a good family. DogPup is the only indian platform which provides dogs for sale in india.

You need to prep your home and make it puppy proof, you need to see that there are no harmful edible items lying around as puppy is just as a human baby it will grab what it sees so you need to be carefull. Get him chew bones and eliminate any harmful items.

Choose a vet

Choosing a vet is the most important decision before buy a dog as the vet will provide future vaccinations and health checkups. So do a good amount of research and find the best vet near your home. We have a page where we have listed top vets in India. Check that out!

Now you need to go shoppping

You need food to feed your dog buy some dog food from supermarket look for something which has 4-5 ingredients which will provide the best nutrition to your dog and buy non vegetarian food like raw meat if you can.Buy some treats for him which will help when you train him.buy toys.

We don’t have a fixed price for every breed. Price is decided on the breed you want and the availability. We are here to help you decide the dog you want. We provide dogs for sale and adoption. 

Yes, we have dog breeders all over India who focus on quality and comfort of their bloodlines, not on the quantity of the puppies. we have puppies for sale in india. We have all breeds available like golden retriever for sale, siberian husky for sale, cocker spaniel for sale, labrador for sale.

Dogpup is an online platform connecting dog breeders to dog lovers. We deliver puppies and dogs for sale in hyderabad, chennai, delhi, bangalore, pune, kolkata, goa, india

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